Property Information

Property Boundaries

The map above shows the approximate location of the property's boundaries (green lines with x's at the corners). The water at the top is Chedabucto Bay and the Atlantic Ocean is to the east.

The property is most of the right cut area (middle of the image). It extends from the highway to south of Cranberry Lake. North is to the top of the image. The aerial photographs were taken in 2007.

In the title the property is said to be 199 acres but due to an inaccurate estimate of size and actions of the neighbor on the west it is more like 100 acres unless legal action could be afforded. The property was cut for the softwood trees in about 1996-7. The cut area is from the first ridge back to Halfway Cove Brook. The cutters made a mistake with their survey on both sides and cut into the property on the east. The neighbor on the west used this cut line as the boundary in his survey and as a result the size of the property is now about 50 acres less. See the history page for more information. The Nova Scotia PID is 35034537.

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