Aug 2014

600m of trail cut for better walks.

May 2014

Kidney surgery completed successfully.

Jan 2014

Start the website Nova Scotia Eastern Shore.

Nov 2013

Helped Sandi with her Christmas Crafts by doing the woodwork and base painting of her Santas.  The log splitter broke last month so we got a load of wood from Wayne.

Oct 2013

First frost on 30th.  Diagnosed with a malignant growth on my right kidney at the end of the month and started the blog.

Sep 2013

Cut the first stained glass in about five years.  Doing a panel of the Red Maple Ridge icon (top of page left) for the front door.  Edgar, Marina, and Noemi Gualoto came for a four day visit.

Aug 2013

Afternoon of August 15th, a time to see things. First the HMCS Kingston sailed past and an half hour later a black bear walks down the driveway.

July 2013

Sandi's brother Clar and his wife Debbie came for a visit, beautiful weather with great friends. Just toured the area and talked.

Dec 2012

Gallbladder was removed St. Martha's hospital in Antigonish. No problems.

Sept 2012

Had two one day rains, more then 65 mm each, in the first two weeks so on the 11th we were able to turn the pump in the lower well back on.

Aug 2012

Due to a very dry spring and summer, according to locals, the wells have run too low to be pumped so we used pails from the upper well. This should give us enough water for flushing and washing for awhile. Buying drinking and cooking water. Installed pump from trailer on the upper well and connected it to the outside tape giving us some water.

Jul 2012

One day saw a bobcat walking down the driveway and about a week latter a coyote.

Dec 2011

Sandi's mom, Betty, came at the end of Nov. and stayed through Jan.  Worked on the craft room, glass shop, and bathroom in the basement.

Oct 2011

Unloading the container, had help from neighbors on Sunday the 9th, they are great people.

Sept 2011

The shipping container has made it here, delivered on the 8th. Checked it out and it was perfectly dry inside. It has been stored at Derrick's rock pit for just over a year. Down to the finishing work on the house (floors, electrical, plumping and cabinets). Started moving in on the 24th with the arrival of the purchased furniture that Bob Snyder has stored for us.

Aug 2011

Bob came out the last weekend for a visit. It was good to see him.

Jul 2011

The building of the house is going well. Basement, framing, roof, shingles, siding, doors and windows are done. They are working on the electrical, plumbing and heat. The current problem is that there is not enough water around the house for a well. What was witched may have been drained by the weeping tiles. They drained water for about a week. We will use the well from the trailer. This means pushing water up about 100 feet through about a 700 foot of pipe in a trench.

Mid-month a bear was seen by Paul Jackson on his property about 1 km west.

Apr 2011

The house was started on Good Friday with the leveling of the site. See House Construction Events for the details.

Feb 2011

Shubenacadie Sam has forecast an early spring, it was made during a major winter storm that has dump about 40 cm of snow that has shut the province down for two days.

Jan 2011

Winter storms dumped a total of 30-40 cm of snow and a fair amount of rain in the first two weeks. The snow storm on the 12th cost us power for 12 hours and the temperature, in the trailer, dropped to 3°C by 9am on the 13th (could have cleaned the fridge without any food spoilage).  The bedroom was a little warmer because of the hot water tank.  We got our building permit in the first week (first issued by the county in 2011) so we are ready for power and building.  Here in Guysborough, the crows are the smarter bird; in the past they discovered food in garbage bags (I think they taught the gulls).  Now they are moving up the food chain to grocery bags in the back of trucks, but the community banded together and chased them away until the unknowing owner of the truck returned.  How long until this spreads across the world?

Sept 2010

The move from Edmonton started on 11 Aug and we arrived at Red Maple Ridge on the 2 of Sept.  Visited Don & Lee in Limerick and Clar & Deb in Ottawa.  Shipped in a 20' container and a 12' trailer.  Cutting of the driveway started at 7:00 am on 28th.

Aug 2009

Vacationed on property.  First visitor, Valeria, stayed for the first week.  Toilet had frozen and blown the bottom out.  In the last two weeks, replaced toilet, fixed leaking roof, cut the weeds.  Our first guest found out about hauling water from a well and the joys of an outhouse.  Ants are beginning to be a problem in the trailer.

July 2008

Vacationed on property, trailer in place, well in, septic in (neither connected).  Power was not connected until end of second week so no water.  Constructed steps after power connected and sealed and screwed down siding.  Went to the Highland games in Antigonish.

May 2008

Arranged for trailer pad, septic, well, trailer moved, and power to be in place by July.

Oct 2007

Purchased the property.

House Construction