The Building of Red Maple Ridge


Work Done

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24 July Seeding of the lawn.
July Lattice installed.
June - July Landscaping of the yard.
17 June Building of Potter Mtn II.
May Building of Rock Garden.
25 September Sound system installed.
21-23 September Railings on the decks.
20 September Laid carpet and finished cabinets and plumbing.
19 September Counter tops and sinks.
14-16 September Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.
13 September Hung the stained oak plywood on the walls in tower and porch.
12 September Set the kitchen cabinets in place and installed baseboards.
10-11 September Staining of oak plywood and cabinets.
7-9 September Laid hardwood flooring.
6 September Laid linoleum in kitchen and bathrooms.
1 September Electrical finishing and worked on heat exchanger.
31 August Backfill and landscaping right around house. Staining of oak wood pieces.
30 August Garage ramp.
29 August Kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
24-26 August Window, door and crown moulding.
24 August Steps to bedroom deck.
22 August Closet shelving.
18 August Rain gutters installed.
15-31 August Interior painting.
11 August Ceiling insulation blown in.
11 August Septic tank installed.
3 August Drywall crack filling started and garage door installed.
2 August Septic tank and field started.
1 & 2 August Water line trenched in from lower well. Second well put in up at house.
29 July Drywall installation started.
27 July House framing inspection.
25 July Wall insulation and vapor barrier installed.
22 July Electrical power connected to the house and porch windows installed.
20 July Electrical inspection.
14 July Cleared area for septic tank and field.
11 July Electrical started.
9 & 13 July Dug test holes for well and found there is not enough water on site.
6 July Heating started.
4 July Plumbing started.
27 June Siding started and decks built.
25 June Current view as you drive up to the house.
22 June Windows and doors installed.
20 June Framing of the internal walls completed.
17 June Roof and walls are complete.
16 June Roof shingling.
5 June Rafters and roof sheeting.
27 May Tower floor.
24-25 May Main floor walls.
23 May Basement stairs.
19-20 May Joists and flooring.
18 May Framing of the basement.
13 May Poured basement floor.
12 May Poured cement for garage and pouch.
5 May Footing for garage and pouch.
29 Apr. Poured cement into the forms.
27 & 28 Apr. Erected the insulating forms.
25 Apr. Poured footings.
24 Apr. Dug the hole for the basement.
23 Apr. Graveled the lower part of the driveway.
22 Apr. The building site was leveled to grade.
25 Mar. Finished wires and connected power to the top.
16 Feb. Pulled the power wires.
8 Feb. Notified that the mortgage has been O.K.
30 Jan. Power poles put in.
14 Jan. Planning visit by NSPower.
6 Jan. Building permit issued.
8 Dec. Environmental test done.
10 Nov. Driveway covering put down.
22 - 24 Oct. Driveway constructed.
16 - 21 Oct. Piling of the brush and it's burning.  Burnt well into the night.
4 Oct. - 13 Nov. Cutting of the trail back to the Big Lake Run.
28 Sept. - 3 Oct. Cutting of the brush for the driveway and building site.  Forty feet required for above ground power line.
1 Sept. 2010 We started in the trailer.

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